Antiqua & Barbuda

Click the button for a meeting list and directions. Please note the list features meetings on all islands so you will want to filter by island. Best to also filter as ‘any day’ and ‘any time’ to see the full list by island.

Antiqua & Barbuda have three AA meeting groups with four locations and an online zoom group. We welcome all who have a desire to stop drinking.

  • Pineapple Group meets on the northern side of the island at the Miss Davis School on the corner of South Street and Independence Drive in St John’s. To contact the Pineapple Group, please call Steve M. (268) 764-3629. Click Find a Meeting for details.
  • Recovery Crew Group meets at two different locations on the southern side of the island. The Cobbs Cross Primary School in Cobbs Cross, and at Dows Hill overlooking English Harbour, both are located in St. Pauls Parish. The RCC also meets virtually one day a week. To contact the Recovery Crew Group, please call JR (268) 464-5050. Click Find a Meeting for details.
  • The Early Bird Group meets in Crosbies on the North side¬†of¬†Antigua. To contact the Early Bird Group, please call Jessica H. (268) 726-3353. This meeting is NOT listed in the Find a Meeting list. Please call for more information.